Was Steve Rogers a virgin? We finally get an answer

Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, is one of the most popular heroes in the MCU, but one remaining question has got fans debating. Was Steve Rogers a virgin? Authors Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely recently got one Interview with Yahoo and answered the eagerly awaited question, and your opinion may surprise you. McFeely stated “I […]

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Did Raunch-Com save romantic comedy?

Turns out we owe a lot to these cock jokes. Romantic comedies are as old as Hollywood itself. People have always loved watching people fall in love, but the genre is rising and flowing in popularity. Sometimes when you have a few in a row that seem to be stalling, studios can fluctuate whether or […]

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10 tips for filmmaking from Steven Spielberg

If you want advice from a modern day director, Steven Spielberg seems like a great option. You know his name and résumé, but let’s give a refresher. Steven Spielberg is the Oscar-winning director of films such as Schindlers List, law Park, ET the Alien, Pine, Hunter of the Lost Ark, Rescuing Private Ryan, Close Encounters […]

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How to use split diopters to enhance your storytelling

Harness the power of split focus cinematography with the CinePacks split filter, the world’s first portable split diopter set. There may not be a shot in the annals of film history more memorable than these split-diopter shots from movie classics like Citizen Kane, jaw, or cellulose fiction. You know the ones I’m talking about, these […]

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What is alliteration and how is it used in film and television? (Definition and examples)

What is alliteration? Let’s find the answers together. As film, television, and games surpass the popularity we ever imagined and circumnavigate the globe, we begin to see how they delve into each other, borrowing the beats, structure, and even the techniques used in making each one of them are required and use them in one […]

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How to Shoot the Perfect Long Take

Children of men has some of the best long shots in cinema, and we can learn a thing or two from its best. Long takes are one of the ways great directors love to showcase their filmmaking skills. The whole point of the long take is to film an entire scene in one take, or […]

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How I shot a $ 50 car ad

This YouTuber decided to do a car commercial to prove some valuable lessons. This post was written by Sean Alami. Budget becomes the most inevitable issue when producing high quality commercials. When it comes to car advertising specifically, filming can cost anywhere from two to three hundred thousand dollars. I managed to make one for […]

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What is Rick and Morty’s secret storytelling weapon? Time travel

Rick and Morty traveled back in time with a storytelling secret for you. How crazy and creative are your ideas? Do they pop off the walls, become sentient cucumbers, and survive by cloning themselves? Or are they more like … normal? No matter what you write, there is a lot you can learn from Rick […]

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Do you remember when ‘The Sopranos’ ushered in the cinematic aesthetic on television?

TV used to be about showing and shooting up The sopranos came with. In the late 1990s and early 2000s television saw a change. We were entering another golden era where intricate characters, darker narratives, and captivating images would come to the small screen and change the way we see things. It is fitting that […]

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Let’s examine the three aspect ratios of ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

What did each aspect ratio help convey in the story? There is so much involved in telling a story. It’s not just the words on the page, but the visual elements that working together on a project brings with it. One of the most interesting directors working today is Wes Anderson. His visuals are incredible […]

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