Zahia Dehar with XXL cleavage for dance class

Zahia Dehar knows how to get noticed. The starlet struck a pose in a huge cleavage and appears sexy in the dance.

Zahia Dehar continues to enchant fans on Instagram. The star struck a pose during her dance class and looks sexy.

The Zahia Dehar effect strikes again! The starlet always finds a way to be sexy on social media. From her 28 years, she enchants her fans with her amazing body and has a lot of imagination when it comes to putting on the show.

The star has become over the years a real sex symbol and often ignites the web. She shows up in little outfits on Instagram and even dares to take off. Thus, she wants to be very confident with her body and does everything to be noticed.

Nevertheless, over the years, Zahia Dehar has come a long way. Indeed, the star played more than a year ago in a movie: An Easy Girl. She was one of the main roles and that gave her a boost in her career. So everyone could judge her acting and the young woman caused a sensation.

The actress and model is therefore all about a true artist and continues to impress her fans. In fact, not long ago, she did not hesitate to show off her sexy outfit to dance and her fans must have been speechless!


Besides posing for magazines and trying her hand at the movies, Zahia Dehar loves dancing. Thus, she very often takes courses and seems rather gifted for this sport. However, this also allows him to put her strengths a little more forward.

This Monday, November 23, the starlet did a little dance class to relax. However, when it came time to take a short break, she did not hesitate to take out her phone to show her outfit. The star looks sexy in a black bra with a transparent pink wrap.

This top highlights her bust and Zahia Dehar flaunts a huge cleavage. It is therefore difficult to remain impassive in the face of the cliché and Zahia is still as elegant as ever. On top of that, she flaunts herself in tight black pants and poses with her hair down.

The star has been more low-key in recent weeks, but seems to be making a comeback. In any case, this new cliché will turn the heads of many fans on Instagram!

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