Zack Snyder wants to turn Amy Adams into a bodybuilder

Zack Snyder is a source of ideas …

The current news cycle is dominated by Zack Snyder, who rose from the doom and darkness of the DC Universe and caused a sensation with him Army of the Dead on Netflix. He does all the rounds and gives some of the most honest and interesting answers about working in the industry.

Recently he spoke to The telegraphand he mentioned an idea that might surprise you.

“It’s kind of a female version of The wrestlerabout a Midwestern housewife who happens to have a pretty good physique and starts doing some bodybuilding competitions and then falls into a rabbit hole on steroids and hormones, “Snyder said. “It’s going to be a fitness-to-family competition, and she’s losing her family for spending all her money on supplements, medication, trainers, and all that stuff.”

Honestly, this idea sounds pretty cool. The wrestler was an amazing comeback for Mickey Rourke, but also cemented Darren Aronofsky as one of our most important and brilliant directors.

So who are you allowed to embody?

Snyder didn’t hesitate and said Amy Adams “Because it would be such a tough job just to train to the point where it was believable. And you need someone like Amy who loves the craft to do it. “

Sounds like a winner to me. Adams is still looking for her first Oscar win after numerous nominations. Maybe that’s the role it does for them. Still, I can’t think of an actress who would want to change her body so drastically for the role.

‘Sharp Objects’Recognition: HBO

Snyder has already made a bodybuilding film.

His 300 was a festival of carbohydrate cutting and sit-ups. He is naturally drawn to such films that show the human form.

“That kind of appreciation for the human form is something I’ve really warmed up to,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to do a religious film and a pornographic film, and I’ve never had the opportunity. Maybe if I could combine the two … Or maybe 300 this film is a bit in a sense. Or at least an introduction to what this film could be. ”

It sounds like Snyder has a lot on his plate and isn’t sure where to go next. It’s exciting to see him break away from heroes for a while. I think taking some time to reinvent yourself might produce the best results.

And hey, if he got into porn he wouldn’t be the first great director to get into it, although that’s where people usually start their careers and not end them.

Would you watch this movie Let us know in the comments.

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