Zack Snyder collapses the “army of the dead” and discusses the soft focus of the film

In addition to money, there is a lot more in this safe.

Zack Snyder had a good year. After he finally released his version of the Justice LeagueHe’s returned to the genre that started his career with Netflix Army of the Dead.

After a turbulent past year marked by personal and professional tragedies, he seems to have been revitalized and empowered to get back into filmmaking.

Army of the Dead Released to a huge presence on social media over the past week, although we have no idea who was watching on Netflix as these metrics are not made public. The film also had a limited theatrical release, but we don’t have exact numbers on that.

However, an informal poll shows that millions have tuned in. With that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to find out how Snyder staged this new version of the zombie apocalypse and see what nuances he put into creating the heist scene.

Check out this video from Vanity Fairand let’s talk afterwards.

Zack Snyder breaks that Army of the Dead robbery

When Zack Snyder signed up for a postmodern version of a zombie movie, he was thrilled with what he was getting into. Though I doubt he would have foreseen the idea of ​​partially filming this during a global pandemic and then having to replace one of his main characters with another via CGI.

In this video from Vanity Fair we see Snyder break down the camp scene where they discuss the mission and go into the various possible scenarios. This is a staple of the heist genre, and it’s important to not only imagine the characters, but also to see the fun and games of the mission.

Fun fact? Although the film is set in Vegas, the casino they used to design the heist, as well as the interiors, were actually in Atlantic City. They shot a backlot made especially for them out on the strip.

In these scenes, Snyder mixed up CGI with practical effects to overlay what was on the screen. Our eyes were drawn to what was happening near the camera and what was further away seemed more real.

In each scene, actor Tig Notaro is digitally added to the film, so not only did Snyder have to get everything right once, but he had to go back and do it again to include her in the film.

The guns used by the actors are actually airsoft rifles or gas guns. They used them because they didn’t fire brutes, they fire air. Sure, you have to add the torches and cartridges that fly out in the mail, but the air fire means you can get very close to the camera and not need any extra safety protection from the blanks.

Let’s get to the depth of field where everyone was talking online. Snyder says that by decreasing the depth of field you will always isolate people and bring them in close range. This makes the movie feel claustrophobic even though you’re outside. It’s nice and creamy to look at too. Cinematography was definitely a hot button issue, but I think its intent is clear and realized.

I am interested to hear what you think, too. Let me know in the comments!

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