Ys: Memories of Celceta, analysis

We analyze the PS4 version of this title that follows the adventures of Adol Christin to discover the mysteries that surround the Celceta forest.

The Ys saga is one of the longest-running series in the Japanese RPG scene, currently dating back to the beginning of 1987 with the appearance of the first title in the series. Over the years, the series has extended the story through various games in which its protagonist, the young adventurer Adol Christin, lived through different adventures that took him to different remote places in the game world while meeting new allies and adventure companions.

To date the saga has a total of nine main installments, the last one having been released last year in Japan which fortunately we will be able to reach the West next year, in addition to several spin off titles. In the West, a large part of its deliveries have been released, although in European lands the series began to have a presence with the version of The Ark of Napishtim on PlayStation 2 and later the adaptations to delivery notebooks such as The Oath in Felgana or Ys Seven, in addition of the appearance a few years ago of the eighth installment of the series, Lacrimosa of Dana. This time we get the remastering for PlayStation 4 of Memories of Celceta, the game originally released on PlayStation Vita.

The story of the game begins with the arrival in the village of Casnan of an exhausted Adol Christin, who soon ends up passed out in the middle of the square. After regaining consciousness, thanks to the owner of the inn, he meets Duren, an informant and adventurer who discovers that the red-haired adventurer has lost his memory, forgetting all the details regarding his identity. Despite this, the young man’s adventurous momentum leads him to help rescue miners trapped in the nearby mine, which in the end leads to the appreciation of the villagers and also of Griselda, the village governor-general, who will subsequently propose, in view of his abilities, to explore and make a map of the great Celceta Forest. Thus begins the new adventure of Adol Christin in his search for his memories.

The gameplay of the game will take Adol to tour the different areas of the Celceta Forest, investigating each of the areas it consists of, to discover the map of the region while facing various types of monsters and bosses that will appear throughout along the way through real-time action battles, while finding diverse materials that will help you progress your journey. The objectives of the story will be marked with blue signs on the map, where they are in small towns where Adol must find clues from his past to resolve the conflicts that will arise in each of them and that directly affect him.

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