YouTuber Lilly Singh wears powerful mask wearing ‘I’m with the farmers’ at awards show

Grammy 2021: YouTuber Lilly Singh wears a powerful mask wearing ‘I’m with the Farmers’ at the awards show, read on (Photo credit – Getty Images / Instagram)

The 63rd Grammy Awards were spectacular in many ways. With Beyonce, Megan Thee Stallion, and Taylor Swift creating the story, there was one more thing that stole the show from us. It was YouTuber Lilly Singh’s face mask that read ‘I’m with the farmers’.

The farmers’ protests have been one of the biggest discussions in our country since August and they protested at the Delhi borders.

Sharing the photo on her official Twitter account, Lilly Singh wrote: β€œI know the red carpet / awards photos are always the most covered, so go for it in the media. Don’t hesitate to run with #IStandWithFarmers #GRAMMYs Β»

It is a powerful mask to wear. Fans were in awe of Lilly Singh after donning a face mask with such a powerful message.

One fan reacted to her post and commented, β€œYeah, watch her now. From YouTube videos to the first Asian woman to host her own late-night talk show, appearing in Hollywood movies, launching her own production company, and currently walking the Grammys red carpet. “

Another Lilly Singh fan wrote: β€œThe world is with the farmers but the country’s government, the media and Bollywood celebrities are not ready to talk about it. #IStandWithFarmers thanks @Lilly ”.

Swara Bhasker also shared Lilly’s photo on her official Twitter handle and applauding her act. The actress wrote: “@Lilly takes Indian #FarmersProtests to #GRAMMYs”

Meanwhile, since Rihanna tweeted about the farmers’ protest, international media and celebrities have been talking about it as well. In February, the Barbadian singer took to her Twitter account and shared a photo of farmers with a caption that read, β€œWhy aren’t we talking about this ?! #FarmersProtest ”.

What do you think of Lilly Singh’s face mask at the Grammy Awards? Tell us in the comments below.

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