YouTube Temporarily Suspends Trump’s Official Account Amid “Continued Potential for Violence” – Deadline

YouTube has announced that it will temporarily suspend President Donald Trump’s official account for at least seven days.

The video-sharing platform is now joining a number of internet apps, including Twitter and Snapchat, which have restricted the president’s access following his involvement in last Wednesday’s violent attack on the U.S. Capitol, which killed at least six people.

“Upon review, and in light of concerns about the continued potential for violence, we have removed new content uploaded to Donald J. Trump’s channel for violating our policies,” YouTube shared on Twitter. “He now has his first warning and temporarily cannot upload new content for at least 7 days.”

On Wednesday, even before the events at the U.S. Capitol, Trump encouraged his supporters to challenge the results of the 2020 presidential election results and the Electoral College vote, both of which determined that former Vice President Joe Biden would be the new POTUS. In addition to Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Rudy Giuliani rallied the crowd and urged them to fight the election results as well.

In addition to restricting Trump’s official account from sharing videos, YouTube will also remove the commenting feature “indefinitely” because “there are security concerns in the comments section.”

Check out the YouTube statements below.

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