YouTube Shorts is now available worldwide

Move on, TikTok, your biggest competitor is available everywhere now.

One of the biggest video sharing platforms, YouTube, has a page that is very hard to beat. Instead of creating video compilations of our most popular TikToks and Vines (RIP), YouTube has now created its own version of the popular short-form app.

Last year, YouTube Shorts first launched in India and then expanded to 26 countries, including the US and the UK. While the service is still in beta, it will be available “in more than 100 countries around the world where YouTube is available”.

Google’s services are helping drive YouTube Shorts’ integration process with the larger video sharing platform as a major selling point for the app. The recently added ability for creators of these short films to use audio samples from YouTube videos allows viewers to quickly access the videos that the creators have selected.

While YouTube is trying to adopt the TikTok format for short and fast videos, TikTok is experimenting with formats that are similar to YouTube’s traditional focus. Recently, the maximum length of a TikTok for everyone was extended to 3 minutes and apps on Android TV and Fire TV were slowly rolled out.

The battle for video streaming platforms continues, but one advantage is that there are more opportunities for YouTubers to share their content.

For YouTubers, shorts are a great way to link longer videos into a short video that is accessible on any homepage without having to link on two different platforms. But with TikTok extending its maximum time and expanding its access to users, who knows if the shorts will help or harm YouTube.

What do you think of YouTube shorts? Let us know in the comments below!

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