You can download Far Cry 5 for free this weekend; enjoy

You will be able to redeem Far Cry 5 completely free of charge on the PC during this weekend. The revelation came through a press release from developer Ubisoft, who confirmed that the game will be available between May 29th and 31st on the Uplay platform.

This Thursday, May 28, the last day on which users will be able to purchase the captivating Child of Light for free, the company now enters an AAA (triple A) action game that puts you in the middle of an apocalyptic cult. full of fanatics.

Those interested can already pre-load the game by downloading the title and keeping it on the computer so that, on May 29, they can play it until the end of Sunday. Unfortunately the action will be promoted exclusively for the PC, so if you want to buy the game on consoles you will need to buy it.

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