YG releases How You Like That MV after controversy over the Deity Ganesha

The agency decided to remove the scene after the controversy against the group. YG removes the scene from How You Like That where the statue of Ganesha, the most important Hindu Deity , appeared .

BLACKPINK made the first preview of their next comeback, but the euphoria was overshadowed by criticism after users and fans complained about disrespectfully making an alleged cultural appropriation.

In social networks, BLACKPINK was the target of criticism after the premiere of her MV How you like that, since it is one of the scenes where Lisa appears seated on a kind of throne, behind her was the figure of Ganesha, deity of the India.

Following the request of fans and citizens of the country, YG decided to take the necessary measures to show their respect, although they did not offer a statement to apologize, the company edited the video from the YouTube platform.

The deity no longer appears, instead there is another type of prop. The criticism was for using elements of the Hindu religion as an aesthetic form, although some fans tried to explain that Lisa forms this culture.

In addition to removing Ganesha , it seems that YG also added new scenes to the MV. BLINK celebrated the company’s actions to prevent BLACKPINK from receiving bad comments for something they did not decide, but the production.

The controversy itself occurred because being a statue of great value it was disrespectful to have it on the ground and as a background while the idol sang, when in India she is venerated.

The girls continue to promote their new single, in July they will perform the second pre-release before revealing the full album.

However, despite the criticism, the girls managed to break several records with How you like that , making it the most viewed video in YouTube history in 24 hours, raising expectations of what will be their comeback in September.

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