Yale’s new Water Sensor wants to nip water damage in the bud

Yale today announced a new accessory geared toward helping homeowners detect leaks and stop water damage before it becomes a major problem. Dubbed simply the Yale Sync Smart Water Sensor, this new device can be placed near potential problem areas to monitor for leaks. It’s a straightforward and simple device, but it could wind up being very useful when you consider how much trouble water can cause.

Yale’s battery-powered Water Sensor works by using two metal contacts that product a mild electric current to detect moisture. Those contacts can be placed against the floor near appliances and installations that have the potential to create leaks, such as washing machines, sinks, refrigerators, or toilets. When those contacts get wet, they trigger an alarm to let you know that some kind of leak needs your attention.

That alarm can sound through either the Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm or the Yale Intruder Alarm, depending on the system you have. While you can also have it send a push notification to your phone, Yale is quick to point out that this isn’t a standalone unit, so you need either the Sync or Intruder system for it to work.

Yale also says that it’s not compatible with EF, SR, or HSA alarm systems, and that when the Water Sensor is used with Yale’s Intruder Alarm system, it won’t send a push notification to your phone when it detects moisture. The good news is that it isn’t a one-time use device – when it detects water, you only need to dry the contacts and then reinstall the Sensor.

All in all, it sounds like it could be a useful device, assuming you already have one of the Yale systems named above. A listing for the Water Sensor is already live on Yale’s UK website, with the device running £39.98 (around $51).

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