Xiaomi Wear 2.0: the app has been updated with features

Xiaomi has released an update to its wearable app for the Xiaomi Wear 2.0 version with a number of new features. For now, the novelty is available for Android, but should also be available for iOS in the coming weeks.

Among the highlights, the update now features a new avatar that shows your status in real time, in addition to allowing users to start sports independently on the app anytime, anywhere.

Another addition is the direct start of an exercise by the app. You no longer need to connect your device to it. Compatible activities include outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor hiking and outdoor cycling.

Update 2.0 also introduces a new homepage with status and important information, such as Steps, Calories, Exercise Logs and Sleep. Now you can still see the source of the added data, to switch information from various devices.

Extended support for Mi Band 5

Xiaomi Wear 2.0 introduced a new health page that gives you to check out small habits, health plans and courses to help and monitor your progress. In addition, the app now automatically reads the exercise heart rate of the Mi Band 5 NFC, when it is paired.

The trend is for the feature to reach more devices. However, to date, support for other wearable models is still in development.

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