Xiaomi leads the smart TV segment in China

The economic crisis caused by the pandemic of the new coronavirus promises to reduce the expectations of most smartphone manufacturers for the year, but Xiaomi is having surprises with its results in the segment of smart TVs.

The company used the Chinese social network Weibo to report that it was a sales leader in the first half of 2020 in China. The company managed to sell 10.29 million smart TVs, a brand that earned it not only the gold medal, but also an unprecedented brand in the market for this segment.

The company says that the success behind its strategy is due to the addition of exclusive features to each generation of Mi TVs. In 2013, for example, the first model brought a sophisticated system for using apps, and the second generation added Wi-Fi subwoofers. Mi TV 4 was betting on an extremely thin elegant design, and the fifth generation introduced the Quantum Dot display.

On the other hand, in times of social isolation – which for the Chinese lasted much less than for us – many consumers may have started to invest in entertainment. The movement, for example, is observed here in Brazil, where the consumption of streaming, e-commerce purchases and the purchase of electronics has skyrocketed since March.

Whatever it is, it does not take the merit of the brand achieved by the brand, which recently raised the tone of the bet with Mi TV Master, with 65-inch OLED panel, independent pixel control technology and P3 color coverage standard 10 -bits, priced at $ 1,800.

It is also worth remembering that, in general, the company’s popular smart TV products bet on aggressively low prices, and it is not difficult for the brand’s entry-level televisions, with sizes of 32 inches, to be sold at prices below US $ 200.

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