Xiaomi Develops A Feature That Artificial Intelligence Decides For The Best Photo Taken

It turned out that Xiaomi is working on a new feature for MIUI 12. This feature, which will improve users’ camera experience, resembles the Top Shot feature on Pixel phones. It is currently unknown when this feature, which is currently in beta version and is not available, will be available.

Chinese technology manufacturer Xiaomi has been working on its new mobile interface, which it has called MIUI 12 for a while. On the one hand, the company is struggling to bring this new interface to consumers, while on the other hand it does its best to add new features to MIUI 12. Now a new feature Xiaomi has been working on has surfaced.

The developers, who have reviewed the latest beta version of MIUI 12 for China, have discovered the presence of an important feature in this interface. This feature seems to improve the camera experience of Xiaomi users. Let’s take a closer look at the details of this new feature that Xiaomi is working on immediately.

Pixel smartphones, launched by the US-based technology Google, have a feature called “Top Shot”. This feature appears as a camera mode and takes multiple photos in the same position. Artificial intelligence, which comes into play at the end of these shots, chooses the best among the photos taken and presents it to the user. Here Xiaomi is also trying to create a copy of this feature called Top Shot.

The Top Shot feature of Pixel phones is loved by many users. Because in the photo shootings made in this mode, artificial intelligence chooses images where the subject of the photo is looking at the camera, smiling or shaking. This feature seems to be available for Xiaomi users along with MIUI 12. Xiaomi calls its Top Shot-like feature “AI Shutter”.

Developers who review the codes of MIUI 12 say that this app is activated when the shutter button is held down. In other words, it will be quite easy to use Xiaomi’s AI Shutter feature and artificial intelligence will ensure that the best photo taken is presented to the user.

Xiaomi has brought dozens of new features to its Android-based mobile interface with MIUI 12. Moreover, most of these features have been adopted by users. If the Xiaomi developers are able to offer an impressive experience with the AI ​​Shutter feature, the company will offer a new feature with MIUI 12 that can impress all its customers. What this feature, which cannot be actively experienced at the moment, actually promises can be revealed in the next stable release of MIUI 12.

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