Xbox Series X has 802 GB free for use on SSD

Microsoft released the Xbox Series X review embargo on Thursday morning and the press, including the Voxel, can now talk about all aspects of the company’s new generation console. For those who are curious, how much free space does the NVMe SSD in the video game have? According to the system interface, 802 GB is usable and 799.5 GB is free when you turn on the device (probably due to some installed apps).

The calculation of how 200 GB is lost may be strange, but it is easy to explain. There are two reasons that “take away” the usable memory from the console: first, the 1TB conversion is not exactly accurate (just see that your PC hard drive doesn’t have all the space it shows on the packaging) and the Xbox Series system X allocates a portion of that memory to the system and other resources.

It is worth mentioning that the Xbox Series X has Quick Resume as one of its main features, which allows several games to be resumed from where you left off, without having to reload everything again. And for that to happen, the elements loaded into the console’s RAM are written to the SSD, which are then decompressed back into RAM – but, at some point, they are stored in the SSD, which needs to have a space reserved for that.

For those who find little space or who eventually want to expand storage, the only way is to buy the SSD expansion card from Microsoft (which has a partnership with Seagate). The accessory officially costs R $ 2,299 in Brazil.

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