Xbox Series X dismantled! Here are the details

Xbox Series X disassembled. The console has recently made its debut and unfounded news about it came along. If we left these behind, we wondered how the console works and what’s inside. On the TronicsFix YouTube channel, show what’s inside the Xbox Series X, how its cooling works, and one of the most important things this channel does is how good the devices are repairable.

Microsoft takes cooling of Xbox Series X seriously

TronicsFix disassembles the Xbox Series X and we see the motherboard sandwich. It is stated that the console is taken very seriously in terms of cooling. In particular, metal holding legs that are flexed in the opposite direction are designed so that the cooling block on the processor makes good contact with the processor. The Master Chief logo on the back is also a nice reference.

The back cover of the console can be removed quite easily, but the PS5 is more advantageous in this regard because you can press the side cover on the PS5. The air outlet of the console is located above. In the early days it was thought to let in air, in fact the console draws air from below, thus providing a continuous flow of fresh air.

The person who disassembles the console suggests that the air vents below are insufficient and that those who will use the console should not put it on the floor. He says that these holes will be closed easily because of the dust and hairs on the floor. He states that when it will be used upright, it will be better not to put it on the ground.

Microsoft had shown its interior design before the Xbox Series X came out, but when it did, it used a mock-up. There was no design like in the video, the version Microsoft introduced was more about how the parts will look. TronicsFix examines the Xbox Series X in detail and compares it with the Xbox One X itself. TronicsFix says the Series X is a little easier to repair than the One X. As seen in the video, Series X has a more compact design.

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