Woody Allen talks ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ about Dylan Farrow – Deadline

Woody Allen proclaimed his innocence again today in a rare interview on CBS Sunday morning, dealing with allegations of sexual abuse committed years ago by her daughter, Dylan Farrow.

“I believe she thinks so,” said Allen, 85, referring to his daughter’s abuse allegations. “She was a good kid. I don’t believe she is inventing. I don’t believe she is lying. I believe she believes it.

CBS says the conference was Allen’s first in-depth, on-camera interview in nearly 30 years. He was interviewed in July 2020, to finally air today on the streaming service Paramount +. While Allen hasn’t said anything new, the interview does touch on points rekindled by recent HBO docuseries. Allen vs. Farrow.

The prolific director has never been charged with any crime and has always denied allegations that he assaulted his young daughter.

“It’s so absurd, and yet the smear stuck,” Allen said on Sunday. “And they always prefer to hang on if not the idea that I attacked Dylan, the possibility that I attacked her.” Nothing that I have ever done with Dylan in my life can be interpreted like this.

Allen said he would like to speak to Dylan Farrow, but hasn’t spoken to him for many years.

The interview also focused on Allen’s relationship with Soon-Yi Preven, Farrow’s adopted daughter. Mia Farrow’s discovery of their relationship marked the end of her long relationship with Allen.

“The last thing in the world that anyone wanted was to hurt anyone’s feelings,” Allen said. “What we wanted to do was finally let it be known that we had a relationship.”

Allen argued that the Soon-Yi relationship, which has a large age gap, was unusual for him. His many films often portray relationships between older men and younger women, but Allen insisted that they had no parallel with his real life.

“I would say of the many women that I have dated in my life, many women, they were all what the appropriate police would call appropriate – the appropriate age,” he said. “Diane Keaton, Mia Farrow, Louise Lasser, my first wife; until Soon-Yi, which is unusual for me.

He added, “If you had told me that I was going to get married and happily married to an Asian woman much younger than me, not in show business, I would have said ‘the chances are very slim. I don’t think you’re gonna be right. But that’s what happened.

Allen and Previn, now 50, have been married for 23 years and have raised two adopted daughters now in college.

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