Wonder Woman: Which spoilers does the film’s novel contain?

The novel from Wonder Woman 1984 has barely appeared when the first potential spoilers on the film already come out.

It will take a lot of patience before finally discovering Wonder Woman 1984, whose release date has been postponed once again. However, we should have something new to chew on when the film is presented at the DC FanDome virtual convention. There is also another solution which is to get the novel from the film. However, this will be at your own risk, since it would contain large spoilers on the plot, as reported on the Bleeding Cool site. If you want to keep the surprise until September 30, we strongly advise you to avoid the following lines.

We learn that the key elements of the film is none other than the Dreamstone, a stone created by the God of lies. It is after her that the oil magnate Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) runs, and it is also thanks to the Dreamstone that Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig) becomes Cheetah. The latter is completely charmed by Diana and dreams of looking like her. Above all, the Dreamstone brings Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) back to life. Diana indeed wishes to rediscover her great love, thus linking her destiny to stone. We can therefore already guess that Steve Trevor risks dying again in Wonder Woman 1984. The novel also describes a heroine who, at least at the beginning, has trouble bonding with others, always very affected by the loss of the pilot. This type of literary adaptation does not always completely match the plot of the film. However, between the images contained in the trailers and the various information already revealed, one has the impression that these spoilers are to be taken seriously.

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