WME abandons Morgan Wallen after racial incident – Deadline

The consequences for Morgan Wallen continue to pour in as WME has confirmed he ditched the country singer after a video of him saying the N word has been around the internet.

The agency’s retaliation comes on top of a growing list of actions previously taken by Viacom’s CMT and singer Big Loud Records’ former label. On Tuesday, TMZ posted a video of the singer using the racial insult after a night out with friends.

In light of the singer’s controversial moment, Big Loud Records suspended his contract and CMT pulled the singer off all of their platforms. Following this example, the Academy of Country Music Awards revoked the singer’s eligibility for the current awards cycle.

This isn’t the first time the singer has gone viral for controversial actions.

BMI sends gospel icon BeBe Winans on outreach mission to Morgan Wallen, who spits out epithets

In October, a video surfaced on Twitter and TikTok of Wallen attending a party amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Like many revelers, he didn’t wear a face mask and even shared a kiss with a woman without a mask. Following the viral video, SNL pulled Wallen out of what was supposed to be his Studio 8H stage debut, replacing him with Jack White.

However, even after his Instagram apologies and the postponement of his SNL gig, Wallen got a second chance to appear on the longtime NBC sketch show. In addition to performing two musical numbers, Wallen appeared alongside host Jason Bateman for a skit that poked fun at the singer’s coronavirus party.

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