Windows 10 lets you use some apps on your computer

Your Windows Phone 10 is one of these applications that does not go unnoticed in the Microsoft system. It serves to keep you abreast of everything that happens in your terminal even if you do not have it in front of you, but the best of all is that it is fully functional, so you can even answer messages and calls from your computer without problems. But the most interesting thing comes when we tell you that you can use several apps simultaneously from your Windows 10 PC.

Your mobile as if it were your computer

It is a fact that mobiles have impressive power. In recent years they have not only been placed as an extra tool for productivity, they have also used their power to offer hours and hours of content for users. But a six-inch screen is no match for a 15.6-inch screen, where there is much more information than you can handle.

And this is where Your Phone comes in, an application that Microsoft launched so that you have control of your terminal in view from the PC screen. The app works especially well with Android devices, but some will have some improvements that others will have to wait to receive.

As can be read in the official blog of the Redmond company, users of the application will have the option of displaying various applications from their smartphone on the PC screen. These applications are of the most varied from social networks, through the typical ones of productivity until reaching the games. However, some present problems when using them since when cloning the screen they detect that they are not working on the real device and stop working correctly.

What do you need to use this new feature?

The multitasking function of the Your Phone app is currently undergoing testing, but it will only work if you have a Samsung terminal. But not just anyone, the function is operative in the latest generation models such as the Galaxy S20, Note 20, Z Flip and Z Fold. On the other hand, you must update both your computer and the mobile you use and be part of the test program in the Samsung app.

This exclusivity is something already common since the tandem of the two companies has been operating for years and everything indicates that the synergy will continue over time, either with new functions or including extra applications in the terminals.

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