Will Trump or Biden win the election?

In the USA, citizens went to the polls for one of the most critical elections in their history. Until now, nearly 100 million people have been voting by mail, with a record of participation in the elections. While Biden was ahead in the percentage of votes and the number of delegates, Trump closed the gap and entered the last hours with a serious advantage.

The day has come for the US elections, for which the whole world is eagerly awaiting the outcome. The final votes are given in the elections where the current presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden compete, where the name to serve in the White House for 4 years will be determined. In addition to the 2020 US Presidential Election, which is expected to be the highest participating election in history, the Senate and the House of Representatives members will also be determined.


Total Number of Delegates: 213 Tennessee (11 delegates), Mississippi (6 delegates), Oklahoma (7 delegates), Alabama (9 delegates), Kentucky (8 delegates), West Virginia (5 delegates), South Carolina (9 delegates), Arkansas (6 delegates), Indiana (11 delegates), Wyoming (3 delegates), North Dakota (3 delegates), South Dakota (3 delegates), Nebraska (5 delegates), Louisiana (8 delegates), Kansas (6 delegates), Missouri (10 delegates), Utah (6 delegates), Idaho (4 delegates), Montana (3 delegates), Ohio (18 delegates), Iowa (6 delegates), Florida (29 delegates), Texas (39 delegates)


Total Number of Delegates: 225 Vermont (3 delegates), Virginia (13 delegates), Massachusetts (11 delegates), Connecticut (7 delegates), New Jersey (14 delegates), Delaware (3 delegates), Maryland (10 delegates), Illinois ( 20 delegates), Rhode Island (4 delegates), New York (29 delegates), New Mexico (5 delegates), District of Columbia (3 delegates), Colorado (9 delegates), California (55 delegates), Oregon (7 delegates) , Washington (12 delegates), New Hampshire (4 delegates), Minnesota (10 delegates)

“WE BELIEVE THAT WE ARE ON THE WAY TO WIN THE ELECTION” Democrats presidential candidate Biden, who made a statement about the elections, said: “I think we have already won Arizona. We did not expect it at all. We feel very good. Counting the votes will take a long time, but we will win Pennsylvania too. We cannot learn the results of the election until tomorrow morning. The decision is the decision of the American people. But I feel very good, “he said. “We feel good about where we are. We believe we are on the way to winning this election,” said Biden, who also shared a post on his social media account.


Trump, on his social media account, stated that they won a victory and said, “I will make a statement tonight. We are very good, but they are trying to steal the election. We will never let them do this. After the polls are closed, voting is not possible!” used the expressions. Twitter censored Trump’s statement shortly after this post.


Democratic candidate Joe Biden got ahead of current president Donald Trump, whom he was behind in the votes. Biden, who has received 49.8 percent of the votes so far, is leading the elections in front of Trump, who received 48.6 percent of the vote. However, according to the results to be obtained from some states, the picture may turn into the opposite. Republican candidate Trump gained a serious advantage by winning Ohio, one of the critical states.


Donald Trump wins critical Florida state according to unofficial results in US presidential election


In the 59th presidential election in the USA, Democrat candidate Joe Biden in Washington state and Republican Donald Trump in Utah won.

According to the unofficial election results published by the Associated Press (AP) news agency, Biden outstripped US President Trump in Washington. Biden won 12 delegates in Washington. Trump took the state of Utah and enrolled 6 delegates in his household.

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