Will there be season 5 of 13 Reasons Why? Dylan Minnette

The protagonist of 13 Reasons Why has an interesting idea to continue with the story of Clay Jensen. The protagonist of 13 Reasons Why believes that there are still areas that can be explored within this narrative.

The fourth season of the Netflix series had its premiere recently and, although it has been revealed that this is the conclusion of the story, Dylan Minnette has an idea to be able to continue with the adventures of his character in this production.

The 23-year-old actor, who played the character of Clay Jensen within the four seasons of 13 Reasons Why , revealed that he has spoken with the production’s creative team to share his ideas during the series’ production.

But in addition, Dylan has envisioned a scenario that could be interesting if used for a fifth season in this narrative. The Indiana-born believes that it would be a good opportunity to deepen the thoughts of his character and is already clear about his idea.

His plan is for Clay to be removed from society through quarantine, but within the same room, we can see characters who died within the series.

Although Dylan commented on this idea in a joking tone, he repeatedly shared some ideas with the production team.

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