Will the iPhone 13 be ultra-wide?

More news about the upcoming iPhone 13 has been leaked – are we getting a new ultra-wide camera? With Autofocus?

While some of us are finally getting a little restless with our iPhone 7s and its puny 28mm 12-megapixel camera, there is apparently a part of the Mac-loving world that is hungry for more news and specs for the next Apple Smartphone to be published.

Sure, the iPhone 12 (and the iPhone 11, too) has some great smartphone video features, but of course there is always room for improvement. (Did someone say 8K?)

One of the small areas where the iPhone 13 could improve on its predecessor has to do with its ultra-wide capabilities and fixed focus. However, news was reported via MacRumors that there could be some big changes on the horizon …

Recognition: MacRumors

An iPhone 13 ultra-wide camera?

First, as first found on Petapixels, these reports from Ming-Chi-Kuo at MacRumors seem quite credible. This is the same source that posted news about Apple’s iPhone developments in the past, and reportedly even touted that the iPhone 13 wide-angle lens will receive an tweak or two.

The big news here is that these reports state that the new iPhone 13 camera will finally unlock users from the fixed focus functionality where the current iPhone 12 camera and lens are locked.

We are talking about full autofocus for the iPhone 13 with its ultra-wide-angle camera.

What does this mean for smartphone filmmakers?

For smartphone filmmakers, videographers, TikToker and whatever these iPhone enthusiasts take pictures with their smartphones, this should be pretty revolutionary.

It will surely open up a lot of new shooting opportunities and allow iPhone content creators to work in even tighter spaces and – for better or worse – with their cameras in selfie mode as they rely on autofocus to keep their recordings in any case to make you look great you could be filming.

If these rumors turn out to be true, do you think you’re more interested in dumping your embarrassingly old iPhones and getting the new iPhone 13?

Or do you want to keep your smartphone in your pocket while filming and still use more traditional digital cameras for your video productions?

Let us know in the comments below!

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