Will Lisseth Chavez be in the return of NBC’s 8th season?

The hit series will return to NBC on Wednesday, November 11. However, it appears that one of the most popular Chicago P.D members of the show will not be returning for the upcoming action-packed season.

Will Vanessa Rojas be in Chicago PD season 8?

Unfortunately, actress Lisseth Chavez is not moving on after just one season with the show and is no longer playing the sensible undercover cop, Officer Vanessa Rojas.

According to Deadline, the talented actress has a new television concert scheduled. Chavez will appear in The CW’s upcoming season of DC: Legends of Tomorrow. She will be joining for season 6 and will become a regular on the superhero series.

Why did Lisseth Chavez leave the Chicago PD?

So why did the actress decide to leave the Chicago PD? According to Deadline, she claims that the creative team was rumored to want to move from the character of Vanessa Rojas. The series reportedly decided it was time to go in a different direction, concluding its story. And because complications related to COVID-19 shortened Chicago Police Season 7 more than originally planned, Rojas’s story was cut short.

But as Deadline reports, the character’s departure will likely be addressed at some point in the next season, if not at the beginning of it.

If you haven’t caught up, don’t worry. There are no spoilers here. But at the end of Season 7, it didn’t look like Vanessa Rojas was going to be leaving the Chicago PD anytime soon. Hopefully when season 8 rolls around, audiences will find out where he went.

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