WiFi team: having internet at home with router

You look for the best internet rate, you compare prices and when you promise yourself very happy … you discover that the connection does not reach all parts of your house or that, although it does, the signal is so weak that it is stumbling. The drama is exacerbated if the site in question is the one intended for work or where you have the console. To a greater or lesser extent it has happened to all of us and we have all taken action on the matter: these are the routers, PLCs, repeaters and more that we use so that the internet reaches the whole house.

Router TP-Link Archer C60 y PLC TP-Link TL-PA8010P

“I don’t think my case is special but my house is complex. The walls are too well done so having coverage throughout the house with a single router is very difficult for me, and there are direct black spots, so I have tried almost all the situations.

Mesh routers don’t work for me because my speed drops, using only a PLC hasn’t worked for me either, so in the end I chose to mix. Now I have the operator router (ZTE) in the living room and with it I have WiFi on the ground floor, and from there, with a PLC (75.90 euros), I take the Internet to the office where I have another router (a TP-Link Archer C60 (43 euros)) to give WiFi to the upper floor.

At the moment of truth, I have four active WiFi connections, two of 2.4GHz and 2 of 5GHz, but it is what has worked best for me so far. Neither repeaters, nor extenders, or anything. Two routers linked by PLC. ”

TP-Link TL-PA4010P Powerline Kit

“I do not have anything special with my connection, only a few plugs that connect to the router and the console, for example, and make the speed be that of being plugged in by cable, not by wifi. These plugs serve to transmit the internet signal for the electrical installation, that is, it allows you to dispense with the wifi if you need to squeeze the contracted speed but the devices to be connected cannot be near the router, and thus throw a cable.

In my case, the router has to be forcibly in the bedroom, which is obviously not where I have the television, and that’s where I was interested in receiving more speed than the wifi gives, especially to be able to play online with the console. video game.

Its use is very simple: the two plugs go to the power next to the router and next to the console, and through them pass cables that go to those same two devices. The interesting thing is that for a slightly higher price, these plugs have plugs in turn, so they can be used to avoid losing the outlet. “

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