Why was Tony Scott fired three times from ‘Top Gun’?

It’s good that none of the shots are stuck!

By now you know the point of the joke. Top gun was a breakout hit in the late 1980s and brought Tom Cruise into the history of a real movie star. It also got the film’s director Tony Scott on the Hollywood A-list, making him a hip director with sharp images that would make some of our most memorable films.

But none of that almost happened.

It turns out that Scott was basically fired Top gun three times, but somehow survived on the set and continued shooting the film. He revealed these details in the director’s comment of Top gunwhich he recorded shortly before his death in 2012.

Scott talked about being hired Top gun from his Saab commercial in which a car and a fighter jet stood side by side. After seeing this, film producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson offered him the job. But Scott thought it would be more like that Apocalypse Now. He wanted to do something dark and moody. You didn’t see it that way.

Finally, Scott came to her vision. But he knew that he would secretly keep what he wanted alive. He did this by starting filming with an opening scene that terrified the producers.

In his words, “He shot it in slow motion with graduated filters and it was kind of artistic and dark and esoteric again, and Paramount saw those dailies while I was on the aircraft carrier and they panicked and forbade me to step another foot off Shoot down slow motion footage. ”

But Scott didn’t listen to the producers.

“So I was very wrong. I shot a roll of normal footage and shot the rest of it in slow motion because I had a vision of what the beginning should look like. Unfortunately, they sent back the wrong roles – they sent back the slow motion roles. So I got fired. My contract has been terminated. But we were stuck on the aircraft carrier and couldn’t go back because the weather was bad, so I just kept shooting. “

The luxury of filming on location meant Paramount couldn’t go in the water to prevent Scott from continuing to shoot the film. So he kept things going on the aircraft carrier as if they hadn’t said anything.

When they got back in touch, he made his days and they let him stay. But not for long. When it was time to fire him again … it was for some costume choices.

According to Scott, “the second [firing] was with Kelly McGillis. I made them look beautiful in a way – what’s the word? Whorish way, I suppose. And the studio took away my 9 inch pumps and they took away my makeup lady to actually make Kelly look a little more down to earth. ”

That character change probably worked out best for the film. The 80s were a wild time, but today her character actually stands up to what says something.

After all, the third fire came late in production. “The third fire was when I put the visors on the helmets for the guys who fly in the jets. I wanted to see the sky and everything around me. But obviously it masked our leading actors a bit. ”

The fire was pushed aside, and in the editing of the film you hardly notice that the visors are down. Mainly because you’re so engrossed in the action and authenticity that you don’t care if you see Cruise’s face all the time.

These are amazing stories from the set, but my all time Top gun I heard Cruise tell the story at Scott’s funeral. For the opening of the film, Scott wanted to shoot down the fighter jets, which take off and land while being lit by the sun. The only problem was that the aircraft carrier was facing the wrong direction. When Scott asked the captain to turn the aircraft carrier, he was told that it would cost $ 25,000 to turn the ship. So Scott wrote the captain a check for $ 25,000 so the ship could be turned and fired. It has been said that Scott likes to tell people the check later bounced.

There will never be another director like Scott. Let us know what legends you’ve heard by adding them in the comments.

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