Why does my Firestick keep freezing?

Firestick has become a convenient way to enjoy both on-demand titles and live TV channels. The Firestick device developed by Amazon has excellent tweaks and features that make it very popular with consumers. However, since it is still fairly new, there are some bugs in the Firestick’s operating system.

One of these issues is the screen freezing. If you rarely encounter the problem, you are not alone. In this guide, we are going to let you know the main reasons behind the problem. We’re also going to share some solutions that you can try to fix the problem.

Why does my Firestick keep freezing? – The reasons

Nobody wants breaks while enjoying their favorite TV show or movie. The issues with fire sticks freezing can destroy your excitement for entertainment. The good thing, however, is that it doesn’t happen often. Usually the Firestick freezes when the RAM or memory is full. The reason can cause buffering, reboot, and other problems.

There can be a few other reasons that lead to the freezing. It doesn’t matter what is causing the problem, you should be able to fix it by trying some simple solutions. The first thing you can try is to restart the device. A restart can solve most problems in your Firefox right away.

How does restart help?

Many people often underestimate the device’s restart option. As mentioned earlier, many problems with your device can be fixed immediately by restarting the system. A reboot usually removes the long-term software data from the previous session. If you leave the device on for an extended period of time, the apps you are using will continue to use the storage after you exit them.

Some of them can even run in the background after exiting and continue to use up the memories. This can lead to issues like slow device, freezing, buffering, etc. A simple restart can stop all open apps and free up the memory used by the apps. By updating the RAM, you can keep the apps running smoothly and without any hassle.

5 ways to thaw Firestick

Even after restarting the device, the freezing still occurs, then you need to try the other options. There are several fixes that you can try to resolve the problem. Below, we’re going to tell you about a few techniques that can effectively thaw the Amazon Firestick devices.

Restart the remote control

All Firestick devices come with a remote control that you need to control the operation of the streaming device. Sometimes when your Firestick freezes it is caused by interference in the remote control. You can try restarting the remote control to solve the problem. To restart the Firestick remote:

  1. Grieve the remote control and press the Select button for a few seconds.
  2. Then press the “Pause / Play” button for the same time.
  3. After holding the buttons for about 5 to 10 seconds, the device should restart.

It’s an easy solution when you have the Firestick remote control. However, the method of thawing the device may not always work. Make sure to try the other procedures if it doesn’t work.

Disconnect the power cord

If the freezing issue is caused by background apps, this method should work to solve the problem. You can restart the Firestick by unplugging it from the power source and then plugging it back in after a while. The procedure is called “Power-Cycle” and should be able to switch on the Firestick TV effectively.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Carefully unplug the Firestick’s power cord from the wall outlet or power source.
  2. Now wait thirty seconds and reconnect the cable. The Firestick device should now restart.

After doing this, you should be able to use the Firestick device without any problems. The process is absolutely safe and is even recommended by the manufacturer Amazon.

Reset Firestick to default settings

Sometimes some settings or incompatibilities of the app can cause the restart problem. You can solve it by doing a factory reset on the Firestick.

  1. Open the settings of the Firestick app from the home menu.
  2. Now look for “Restore to Default Settings”. Sometimes it is also available as “Reset to Factory Defaults”.
  3. Click on the option and then click the Restore / Reset button. It takes a while for the reset process to complete.
  4. After a while the device should restart and ask you to log in / register.

Note that this method removes all settings and installed apps from the device. You will also need to sign in or register again to continue using the device.

Defrost with the remote app on your smartphone

Do you lose the remote that came with Firestick and the device freezes? Well, if you can’t find the remote, you can try the virtual app remotes to get rid of the freeze. They are available for both Android and iOS devices. Here’s how to use the Amazon Fire TV app as a remote control to solve the problem.

  1. Install the app on your device from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  2. Now connect to the Firestick by following the route recommended in the app.
  3. You should now be able to control the device via the app.

You can also try CetusPlay, another app that you can use as a remote control for Firestick. The impressive thing about the CetusPlay app is that it can be used as a mouse for convenient control of the device.

Clear the Firestick apps cache:

Clearing the app cache is one thing you can do to keep the Firestick from thawing.

How to clear Firestick’s cache.

  1. Press the Home button on the Firestick remote and go to Settings.
  2. Now look for MY Fire TV in the settings.
  3. Now scroll through the page to find the “About” option.
  4. Go to “Storage” on the info page.
  5. From there you can now get rid of the app’s caches.

We hope the above methods work for you in order to thaw the Firestick device.

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