Why did Jin have to shoot a few times on “Life Goes On”

BTS’s long-awaited comeback has finally been released, and Jin talked about one of the most “difficult” moments in the production of the new music video.

Jin from the group BTS revealed that she had to re-record a scene 8 times for the new music video for the single “Life Goes On”, which was released this November 20 as part of the release of her new album “BE”.

BTS made their comeback on V Live for their new album and the members reacted to their MV “Life Goes On.” Jin later confessed that he had to re-record the scene from the MV, something that left fans very surprised.

The MV director asked Jin to do the scene several times

In the scene, Seokjin sings while closing his eyes and the video clip goes into a different atmosphere, where the idols are on a stage without an audience. According to the Worldwide Handsome, he had to film the scene over and over again because the director of the MV, fellow BTS member Jungkook, demanded it of him.

“Jungkook kept saying I closed my eyes weirdly,” Seokjin assured.

Jungkook then explained why he asked the “Moon” singer to replay the take: “It was a pivotal scene, but something was missing.”

As we had already told you in La Verdad Noticias, for this new musical production of the South Korean group, the 7 members decided to get even more involved in the creation of the album, as well as in the music videos.

Kookie, the Golden Maknae decided to show his new facet as a director in “Life Goes On”, and knowing what his fellow BangTan are capable of, surely that is why he decided to ask for much more effort.

However, the new clip has undoubtedly left ARMY moved, since in the images the idols are more natural and send a message of hope and love in the midst of all the chaos that the Coronavirus pandemic has generated.

At the time of publishing this article, the video already has more than 36 million views and more than 5 million likes on YouTube in less than 12 hours after the premiere. You will surely get many more. Did you like how Jin’s scene turned out in the MV? What is your favorite song from “BE”?

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