Why Beocca Actor Ian Hart Really Left the Series

The Last Kingdom’s fan-favorite character Beocca (played by Ian Hart) had been a part of the Netflix series from the beginning and viewers were stunned by the unexpected twist in season four.

Father Beocca was known to be a kind soul and a fearless fighter, who was a loyal friend of Uhtred of Bebbanburg (Alexander Dreymon). Beocca had been a priest in the house of Uhtred and had baptized Uhtred as a child, and the couple met years later in Wessex.

Despite the fact that Uhtred was divided between the Saxons and the Danes, Beocca had always remained loyal to him and stood up for what Uhtred believed. Fans of The Last Kingdom shed a tear when, in season four, Uhtred called Beocca “father” before setting out on his adventure back to Bebbanburg.

Beocca was the closest person Uhtred had to a father figure after the death of his real father during an invasion. The English actor has been working on several series this year, including Noughts and Crosses and Escape from Pretoria.

Ian Hart’s character was known for giving wise advice, and he had many iconic lines throughout The Last Kingdom that reached the hearts of fans.

But, despite this decision by the producers to put an end to the character, his timely departure from the series is because 2020 was going to be a problem for his filming schedule for other projects.

Unfortunately all this had concluded long before we went through this ongoing pandemic, will there be a possibility for the actor to somehow return to The Last Kingdom Season 5? We’ll see!

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