Who should win the Oscar for Best Editing of the Year?

This year’s best edit nominees are all great, but one is on top.

Unless there’s a lot of controversy, I usually don’t know much about the Oscar for Best Editing. Although the best edited movie of the year is often confused with the one that has the most cuts or the most stylistic, it has to create the final story and work with the writing and directing to achieve everyone’s on-screen goals Involved.

Imagine editing as a translator and sorting through the director, cameraman and screenwriter’s Tower of Babel to enforce a final language that anyone who sees it can understand.

In 2021 are among the films nominated for Best Editing by Oscars Promising young woman, The Chicago 7 Trial, Nomadland, The Sound of Metal, and The father.

Check out this video from Thomas flight where he analyzes this year’s nominees.

Who should win the Oscar for Best Editing of the Year?

Sitting at home over time this year is rare, but I’ve seen every candidate before. That’s why I felt comfortable writing about who I think should win. I found this year’s films refreshing and exciting. I wish there was a bit more genre variety here, but I really enjoyed every movie in this category.

Watching Flight’s video gave me a new love for the stories that came on screen. I liked the way the scenes were broken up, especially lunch in Promising young womanThis not only laid the foundation for the basics of editing, but also for how the performance shifted at the table.

I also liked the slow burn approach in Nomad landwhose subtle changes and extended periods of time really immersed us in the power of the world and subculture that we had never really seen.

Editing in The father had a similar effect on me. This movie was so depressing that I have a hard time talking about it in detail without being in awe of the people who worked on it. Editing there must convey changes within a character, but differently than The sound of metalSound design cannot help show the internal changes. It’s very interesting.

The Chicago Trial 7 was the film here with the most stylistic processing. The fast pace made it airy and really sped up the action. But I missed the chance to catch my breath, especially in the more visceral courtrooms and protest scenes.

Who deserves to win? It’s a tough decision to make, and there wasn’t anything bad in this year’s edit category. Whose editing guides the audience through well-timed edits at critical points, using the relationship between the images to tell the story?

Thomas thinks it’s a mistake between Nomad land and The sound of metaland I tend to agree. He gave the advantage The sound of metaland I wavered there because I think there is so much work being done in sound design, but since it’s my favorite movie this year I think it deserves the nod too.

What about you? In that video, did you have a strong opinion about who should win in this category? Let us know in the comments.

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