Which power supply is recommended for GTX 1080?

Choosing a power supply from a number of brands for your GTX 1080 graphics card can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not a professional at the field. So all you need to know is which power supply is suitable for gtx 1080. Some power supplies can deliver certain watts, but actually they cannot. In most cases, you will need to choose a power supply with certified stamps. The Geforce GTX 1080 is one of the most popular and best GPU services that gives you maximum productive tasks while you work. By the way, if you tend to go with your gtx 1080 graphics card, then you need to consider whether or not the power supply is sufficient or whether or not you will provide your PC with a certified power adapter.

To know which power supply is recommended for the Geforce GTX 1080, you need to consider other related components that are normally used with it. Here you know the basic requirements and the subjective possibility of hiding how many watts you need for smooth and safe operation. We’re also covering up the efficiency of the power supply that goes with the GTX 1080. Let’s begin-

Consideration of other PC components

While you are operating a PC, the power supply not only supplies power to the graphics card, but also supplies power to other PC components. Even though the task was done at the same time, you need to consider all the components and finally learn how many watts the power supply is suitable for your PC.

Nowadays different brands offer power supplies of different quality, most of them come with specification or recommended components, it may not be possible to choose a good one. So what to watch out for can be found below-


In general, the GTX 1080 GPU consumes around 180 watts with frequent power supply. After this power supply, all other components draw their energy from the power supply unit. So you have to calculate the total wattage and get a decision as to which wattage power supply to plug in.

Processor area

As a processor, the central brain of a PC consumes 65 to 130 watts of electricity. The mainstream processor like Intel Rygen has to offer enough energy efficiency to run the PC. But what we calculate for the total power supply from the processor part is standard for a large number of models such as Core i5 to I 9 and also Rygen. If you have a PC with an unlocked 8- or 6-core CPU, you may need to increase the wattage.

Other components

The most power consuming components are the CPU and GPU. Finally, you need to prove other components such as motherboard, hard drive, solid state drive (SSD), RAM, etc., to perform properly and frequently. These components require around 80 to 90 watts of power. So taking all components into account, you can manage the wattage that you need to connect your PC.

What is the recommended wattage for GTX 1080?

What we knew about the power consumption of a CPU, GPU, and other computer components from the previous section, now you can calculate the performance for your graphics. Because the GTX 1080 can run smoothly with just 180 watts of power. In addition to other components, it is the first choice with at least 550 watts of the power supply.

This is because the company’s information about the service it is providing is not always accurate. It can vary in many cases. Although branded and certified power supplies can deliver maximum power to your PC, but they can fluctuate, the default setting for your GTX 1080 is a power supply of at least 550 watts. However, if you want to operate the PC safely and without voltage, the recommended energy efficiency must be 650 watts.

What should you look for in a power supply to run gtx 1080?

While you have a decent power adapter to run gtx 1080 Graphics, you’re going to be considering getting the best performance from your pc unit, right? If you’ve previously decided on a recommended 650 watt power adapter while having issues with these devices, how awkward will it look? So, to know your power supply, you need to understand how easy it is to use.

High quality

What you look back on at your power adapter first is whether it is good value for money or has problems with general use. To get a high quality build, you need to consider the branded power supply, which you will not associate with a fixation during the math job. So, to ensure high quality workmanship, you need to choose a power supply that gives you more than enough power to keep the computer running smoothly.

Very diverse

In addition to high quality and sufficient power supply, the product should be versatile. Without problems, the power supply you choose may not be enough to keep the workflow going. A versatile, high quality and matching power supply will give you the best experience while working.

More than enough power

If you take a power supply with the recommended wattage, you get enough power to operate the gtx 1080 graphics and also run smoothly with other components.


Your desired power supply must produce less noise. The quiet properties are important form factors of a high-quality power supply.

Superior durability

We recommend that the power supply for your graphics card be robust enough to handle any situation while the PC is running.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Review - Hardware Setup |  power consumption

How do you check the efficiency of a power supply unit?

First of all, when choosing a power adapter, you need to pay attention to the wattage that the PC needs. If you can specify more than the recommended wattage, it is both efficient for your PC and for good performance. So at the end of energy efficiency, if you choose a power supply with more than the recommended wattage, it will get your productive work moving forward.

By the way, when you buy a branded AC adapter, you need to check if it is gold or platinum rated and should check its efficiency. But whatever the requirement for gtx 1080, you need to choose a power supply that is rated more than 80+.


The power adapter is the critical component of your computer. It divided the performance into different components. So it has to be well suited for your computer, regardless of whether it has decent performance and other form factors. If you want to take advantage of the great advantages of a power supply, especially if you are running a GTX 1080 graphics, it must be gold rated or at least 80+ efficiency certified. And as a final thought, you should always try to choose a durable, superior power adapter for better performance.

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