Which Crypto Money Company Will PayPal Partner In?

Finance giant PayPal is thought to work with Paxos when entering the cryptocurrency industry.

PayPal sent a special letter to the European Commission a few months ago. In this letter of the company, both “What regulations do you need for cryptocurrencies?” answered the questions in the style and also talked about his own crypto money studies.

The emergence of this letter sent by PayPal was interpreted as the company is preparing to enter the cryptocurrency world . According to the news of CoinDesk this morning, the company wants to cooperate with Paxos and accelerate the process in this way.

Partner has been announced

It is not known exactly what plans PayPal has for the cryptocurrency industry. But the company is said to cooperate with Paxos.

Paxos, which recently started to serve Revolut U.S with Paxos Crypto Brokerage, allows people to use cryptocurrencies more easily than usual . It can be said that Paxos, which also has a license from the state of New York, accelerates the cryptocurrency trading and transfer in general. In addition, the company can provide services to institutional investors thanks to its license from New York, and these investors can entrust the company with assets such as gold, Bitcoin, Ether.

It is not known exactly what cooperation between PayPal and Paxos. So much so that there is no official statement from PayPal and / or Paxos, according to the news of CoinDesk. Therefore, we can say that there are many question marks that are not answered at the moment.

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