Where are the highest and lowest points of Fortnite island?

We help you complete the challenge “dance at the highest point and the lowest point on the map”, from Week 9 of Season 4 of Fortnite Chapter 2.

One of the challenges of Week 9 of Season 4 of the Battle Pass of Fortnite Chapter 2 asks us to dance at the highest point and the lowest point of the island. This Fortnite challenge is “dance at the highest point and the lowest point on the map.” In this section of our complete Fortnite Battle Royale guide we help you complete it:

Fortnite Season 4: Island’s Highest Point and Lowest Point Locations

To complete this challenge, we must use any gesture or dance at the highest and lowest point of the island, which are the following:

fortnite capitulo 2 temporada 4 desafios semana 9 desafio baila en el punto mas alto y el punto mas bajo del mapa

  • Highest point on the island: Mount Kay, quadrant G7
  • Lowest point on the island: Coral Castle central building, quadrant B2

It is not necessary to dance in these two places in the same game, and neither does the gameplay matter. The order in which we dance in these places does not matter either.

As always, we recommend you play Team Brawl to complete this challenge. In this game mode there are respawns, and we can redeploy the hang glider, which makes life much easier when completing challenges of this type. Try to land quickly in either of these two locations on the map, especially if they touch your half of the field, and / or at the beginning of your team’s battle bus route.

Be aware of the more than likely presence of enemy players. Remember: you are not the only ones who want to complete this challenge, so it may be recommended that you arm yourself in a decent way before going to these places, to be able to defend yourself from the attacks of the opponents. By doing this you will maximize your chances of completing this challenge successfully.

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