When will Jin go to the military about his military service?

BTS held the premiere of “BE”, their new album. Will it be the last comeback with Jin? The idol talked about his military service.

The K-pop group from BigHit will start promoting their new album in the coming days. The boys have already broken their first records just 12 hours after the release and the MV for “Life Goes On” already registers more than 38 million views on YouTube. Regarding his future plans, the eldest of the members, Jin, spoke about his going to the army.

BTS presented their new album “BE” through a press conference in South Korea, in the middle of the question session, Jin was questioned about military service, an obligation for every Korean citizen to fulfill. Previously, the possibility of exempting the K-pop group from this term was discussed, but the agency BigHit and the idols assured that they will go to the military.

Jin, who will turn 28 (29 in Korean age) on December 4, is running as the first of them to have to say goodbye to fans to enlist. So far, there are rumors that Bangtan could delay the service to enter the 7 together, also plans that the idol recorded in advance some projects with his fellow members to be released during his absence.


At the press conference, Jin answered questions about his going to the army, since he is about to turn 29 in Korean age, and the age limit to fulfill this obligation is 28, but there is no set date yet for the idol.

Jin assured that he will comply with the Korean army and is willing to diligently serve his position once the country requires his presence, the time to say has not yet come, so there is some uncertainty about when he plans to say goodbye to his life as idol and be absent for almost 2 years if BTS doesn’t postpone their military service.

The idol assured that it has been a topic of discussion within the group and everyone agrees that they want to fulfill their nation. The planning of the time they should be could still be under discussion, as BTS is in one of its best years of career, generating great income not only for BigHit, but for the country through tourism, events and merchandise sales among others. .

Jin also shared his thoughts on being a role model for future generations of K-pop and his idea of ​​a second BTS.

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