When Vince McMahon ruined Dean Ambrose’s return to WWE

Dean Ambrose once revealed Vince McMahon ruined his comeback (PC: Dean Ambrose / WWE / Vince McMahon / Getty Images)

Jonathan David Good aka Dean Ambrose has had an amazing run in WWE. Initially, he was part of the Shield team, along with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Post that he loved running singles with a crazy bangs gadget. But behind the curtain, Dean was not happy with the creative development.

It’s no secret that Dean doesn’t share a good bond with WWE boss Vince McMahon. After his exit from the promotion, he explained how the creative differences made him come out. Since joining AEW as Jon Moxley, the professional wrestler has just gotten his voice heard more against McMahon.

Back in 2019, during an appearance on Talk is Jericho Podcast, Dean Ambrose opened up about how Vince McMahon and his creative team ruined his comeback in 2018. He shared not knowing how it was going to be presented. In December 2017, Dean suffered a triceps injury that kept him from playing for 9 long months. According to him, Vince had promised him a heel turn on his return that never happened.

Recounting the incident, Deam Ambrose said, “I thought about maybe coming back to SmackDown and arguing with Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles or coming back as a heel… Anything but what I’ve been doing for the past two years. They had booked The Shield for this big show in Australia so there’s no way I was a forward heel and basically it was like just coming back as a partner of Seth, who I love to tag with Seth, you I know some good matches, but it’s more or less the same. Basically their idea of ​​coming back was as everyone expected, no shock, nothing different, just a good ol ‘Lunatic Fringe.

In August 2018, Dean was introduced as Seth Rollin’s partner but there was no element of surprise in his return.

“So they have this promotional segment going on and I didn’t realize the way they wrote that. I’m sitting behind the curtain waiting for this pop, it’s all gonna be worth it, nine months, everything will be worth it, then the way it’s written Seth says’ if you’re going to have a Scottish psychopath in your corner then I’m gonna have a fool in mine ‘so that scrambled the pop into four different reactions. It’s a small example of how they ruin everything, ”added the former member of Shiel.

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