When ‘Thanos’ Josh Brolin complained about not being able to watch Chadwick Boseman’s black panther and having special screening pass privileges

Avengers: When ‘Thanos’ Josh Brolin complained that he couldn’t watch Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther (Photo credit: scroll & arsenal)

We’re just five days away from the second anniversary (or Avengers-ary) of Avengers: Endgame, and this saga contains a plethora of trivia and top secrets that many fans aren’t yet aware of. Today we bring you an enthralling incident when ‘Thanos’ Josh Brolin opened up about his experience watching Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther.

In a fascinating anecdote on IMDb, we learned how Josh Brolin, like many of us, was very excited to see what Marvel did with Boseman’s solo company, Black Panther. He also spoke about not having the privilege of obtaining the “ screening passes ”.

The quiz reads: “Josh Brolin (Thanos) claimed he only saw Black Panther (2018) a week before this movie opened because he was constantly exhausted in Los Angeles. “

On the statement not to get special privileges, the trivia states, “Josh Brolin added that stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are not given any special privileges to switch from screening passes to the franchise.”

Josh Brolin and his wife Kathryn have welcomed a baby girl, their second child together. Brolin became a father for the fourth time last December.

“Chapel Grace Brolin Born at 6:20 pm on 12/25/2020 Our little angel on Christmas Eve,” Kathryn posted on Instagram, reports people.com.

“Everywhere we traveled the only place Kathryn and I found great solace were the chapels. Not being particularly religious, but a feeling of God heavily flooded our lives, and chapels have always been shrines where we felt free to give thanks. Chapel Grace is, to us, a manifestation of that heavenly feeling that has always been felt when we meandered and kneeled, ”Josh Brolin wrote on Instagram.

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