When Sooraj Pancholi accused Jiah Khan’s mother, Rabiya Khan, of disturbing his mental peace and said, “Just because you have a British passport …”

Sooraj Pancholi explains how Jiah Khan’s mother disturbed his mental peace (Photo credit: Instagram / soorajpancholi, Wikipedia)

Jiah Khan’s suicide case is still etched in the minds of many people. Although several years have passed, Sooraj Pancholi is unfortunately still seen as someone who could be one of the reasons for the actress’ suicide. But, actor Hero criticizes the media for misrepresenting him without knowing the truth.

Sooraj has been accused of instigating the suicide of Jiah Khan in the past. He was unhappy with the way he was blamed and the way the stories were unfolding against him everywhere. Despite all of this, the actor maintained one thing that he was innocent.

Sooraj Pancholi claimed that not even five percent of what was being said in the media was true. He felt that the story has always been told from one side, that is, from the side of Jiah Khan’s family. The actor in an interview with IANS revealed, “They never heard my side because I never pretended I was innocent to gain people’s sympathy.”

Sooraj Pancholi added: “I just want the truth to be revealed, and the media cannot tell me. The media cannot do me justice, and only the court can tell me. So I was waiting for the court to make the decision, and a lot of time passed. It is my career, my bread and my butter. So I have to speak up because what is happening is wrong. “

Jiah Khan was found hanged in her Mumbai apartment in June 2013, after which her mother Rabiya Khan accused her late daughter’s boyfriend, Sooraj, of murdering her.

Since Sooraj Pancholi struggles to shake off this blame. He has said on several occasions that it was disturbing for him and his whole family as well. There was a time when Jiah’s family did not appear in court and the trial did not take place. To this, an angry Sooraj said, “The people who had filed a complaint against me do not show up in court. On top of that, the media has created the perception that I am a bad guy without knowing the facts. If I go to court every time and the plaintiffs do not show up for trial, that in itself is a response not only to the court but also to the people who think I am the bad guy, ”he said.

“I was young. I didn’t even know what was going on. I’m not saying I’m innocent. Say I’m the bad guy, say I’m the worst, so why don’t you go to court? It’s been seven years. Just because you have a British passport, do you think you can do anything? ”he said, referring to Rabiya Khan.

Sooraj Pancholi finally stressed the fact that he wants the trial to take place as soon as possible. The actor added, “You don’t just ruin a person’s life, you ruin a family. It is very unfair. I pray to God this will end soon because I don’t have time to sit and wait. In Indian history, I am the only person who said please start my trial. No one, no accused, ever says that. The court is also ready, but my trial has not yet started.

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