When Neetu Kapoor called Rishi Kapoor a ‘Bad Kisser’ after kissing Dimple Kapadia on screen

Here’s how Neetu Kapoor reacted to Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia’s kiss scene in Saagar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor made one of Bollywood’s most iconic pairs. They were and always will be the epitome of love in real life. But before the deceased actor married Neetu, he had fallen in love with Dimple Kapadia. It didn’t last long since she got married to Rajesh Khanna. But did you know that after his marriage, the deceased actor had to make a film with Kapadia and do a lot of kissing scenes there? Well, Ms. Kapoor’s reaction was epic, and we really want you to know that.

After marrying Neetu, Rishi always felt she wasn’t sure about Dimple. It’s quite natural, isn’t it? In fact, even the seasoned actress confessed about her late husband that he was still nervous in front of Kapadia after their wedding. So imagine what his condition must have been like when asked to do a kiss scene with his former sweetheart in Saagar?

After ten years of marriage, when Dimple Kapadia made her return to Bollywood, she signed a movie with Rishi Kapoor named Saagar. The late actor was very nervous about making this movie because he didn’t know how his wife Neetu Kapoor would feel.

At the first screening of the film Saagar, Neetu Kapoor was also present with Rishi Kapoor. When the film’s test show was over, the deceased actor looked at his wife with worried eyes awaiting her reaction. This is because many romantic and intimate scenes were shot between the two former lovers.

After Neetu didn’t say a word after watching the movie, Rishi’s restlessness increased. When the two sat in their car on their way home, Neetu Kapoor had the most epic reaction. She only said one thing to Rishi Kapoor: “How can you look so bad kissing yourself?”

Well, we’re sure Rishi shouldn’t have expected such a reaction from Neetu. What do you have to say about this? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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