When Millie Bobby Brown made her choice between Godzilla vs Kong and it was the smartest answer you could expect!

When Millie Bobby Brown chose between Godzilla vs Kong (Photo credit: Instagram and IMDb)

Millie Bobby Brown has been involved in some great projects in Hollywood. She rose to fame with her portrayal of Eleven in Stranger Things. The Netflix show opened a million doors for her, so beauty is among the highest paying teens today. She was last seen in Godzilla vs Kong and many wonder which side she is on! Well, we’ve got you some details.

To the reverse, Godzilla Vs Kong has proven to be a massive silver lining amid the crisis in theaters. As COVID cases declined in December, filmmakers were doing their best to bring audiences back to the box offices. While Wonder Woman 1984 did well, it was director Adam Wingard who surprised the masses.

The fourth film from the legendary MonsterVerse is the highest grossing film of 2021. Godzilla vs Kong won a huge $ 415.6 million worldwide. But one question that remains constantly is whether one is a fan of Godzilla or of Kong! Millie Bobby Brown has answered this question and the answer is sure to blow your mind!

Well, don’t get mad at Kong fans because Millie Bobby Brown chose Godzilla. Revealing her sanity during a conversation with the Toronto Sun, the actress said, “I’m in favor of Godzilla because he was the first guy who hired me for a movie, so I have to be with him.” grateful.

We are totally swooned over Millie’s clever response! Now we know how she appreciates such huge things in life!

Meanwhile, Millie Bobby Brown has previously spoken about her work with Adam Wingard. She told IANS, “I loved working with Adam. He’s a pure Godzilla fan, and when you work with someone who’s the biggest fanboy of an iconic movie or series, you can’t help but have the ultimate respect for them. It is fantastic to work with someone who is so dedicated, motivated and appreciates the chance to work on a property that he has studied all his life.

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