When John Abraham’s rejection would have left Katrina Kaif in tears, but Salman Khan’s advice to her won our hearts!

Here’s how Salman Khan reacted to John Abraham’s rejection of Katrina Kaif (Photo credit – Instagram)

Salman Khan is a lover of the people he loves, but when it comes to the people he doesn’t like, it’s the worst nightmares, period! Sadly, John Abraham makes the second list of people who couldn’t find a place in the good Superstar books. It seems that these two stars had an argument while on a dance tour, and since then their relationship has been stressed. But did you know that there was a time when Katrina Kaif was in tears because of actor John, but instead of stepping up things, actor Dabangg just gave the actress advice?

Apparently Kat has already been turned down by John to play opposite him, and she has lost a good part in her difficult days. She was heartbroken and feeling downcast, but it was Salman who cemented her and motivated her to work so hard that she may one day be able to choose whether or not to work with John.

It all started on a dance tour when John Abraham allegedly annoyed Salman Khan at the concert over a monetary issue and earned a spot in the Superstar’s bad books. However, when the Dhoom actor appeared as a guest on Khan’s Bigg Boss show, fans were amazed at their chemistry.

In a 2011 interview with the Hindustan Times, John Abraham said: “I think my rivalry with Salman Khan has been very overplayed. Since none of us have ever said anything bad about each other in the media, it is the “sources” that have done all the damage. But I’m happy because all’s well that ends well. I respect him a lot and he is extremely courteous. We got along very well. “

Apparently, during Katrina Kaif’s difficult days, John denied working with her in Saaya as she could not speak Hindi fluently. She lost the role and was reduced to tears. It was then that Salman said, “Why are you crying? He did you a favor. A time will come when you can throw it out of a movie. Don’t throw it away; work with him.

Interestingly, Salman Khan’s words later came true as Katrina Kaif was roped for Kabir Khan’s New York. John Abraham was also approached to play the lead role, which he eventually accepted!

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