When Jaaved Jaaferi reacted to Takeshi Castle “killing” Zor Ka Jhatka of Shah Rukh Khan and said: “There the players were all Indians”

When Jaaved Jaaferi reacted to Takeshi Castle “ killing ” Shah Rukh Khan’s Zor Ka Jhatka and said: “There the players were all Indians” – Deets Inside (Photo credit – IMDb / Jaaved Jaaferi / Takeshi Castle; Wikipedia / Shah Rukh Khan / Zor Ka Jhatka)

If there’s one sight we really miss from our childhood, it’s Takeshi Castle. And the main reason we missed this iconic show is because of Jaaved Jaaferi’s voiceover. His comment was funnier than the people performing stunts on the show. Well guess what; he’s back with a new show on Netflix called “ Lava Ka Dhaava ” and we can’t wait to see him do his crazy commentary again!

In 2011, Shah Rukh Khan came up with a show called “ Zor Ka Jhatka: Total Wipeout ” which consisted of 15 episodes and failed due to the super success of Takeshi Castle.

Jaaved Jaaferi was running TV with Takeshi Castle and was invited to comment on Shah Rukh Khan’s similar format show Zor Ka Jhatka. He had reacted to reports that despite all the similarities, he could not “kill the success” of other shows.

Speaking the same with DNA, Jaaved Jaaferi said: “The players were all Indian while the ones on my show were of a different nationality. Also, I think it would be wrong to blame the show host when a show doesn’t perform well. It wasn’t Shah Rukh’s fault that the game show wasn’t going well. There can be a host of other reasons for this. I think it was already a popular show on the channel and the scale of the show is way less than what Zor Ka Jhatka was, there the players were all Indian.

Shah Rukh Khan on the other hand revealed in 2011 that he signed the show because of the short engagement and because he needed the money to invest in his passion project Ra.One.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, when asked about his comeback with Zor Ka Jhatka Season 2, SRK said, “I haven’t been offered anything like that. In fact, I decided to anchor the previous season because I needed the money. I had told Sameer Nair, my friend and channel leader, that I was in need. He had this show that needed 12 days of my time in January. I didn’t have to take the plane or put in any extra effort. He would be shot at Yash Raj. The needs are met and I earned around 40 crore, which was immediately invested in RA.One. “

Are you excited for Jaaved Jaaferi’s Lava Ka Dhaava? Tell us in the comments below.

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