When Imtiaz Ali Tried To Put Ranbir Kapoor In ‘Rockstar’ With A Girl, But He Was A Flirting Disaster

Did you know Imtiaz Ali once revealed that Ranbir Kapoor is a disaster when it comes to flirting (Photo credit – Imtiaz Ali / Facebook / Ranbir Kapoor / wikipedia)

Ranbir Kapoor is one of the successful actors of Bollywood. For many women, he is an idol, and girls even secretly dream of him. The actor is also known to be a flirt, but filmmaker Imtiaz Ali has a different take on him.

While the actor has remained largely out of the media, his relationship with Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif has attracted a lot of media attention. Due to what media portrayed him as a flirt, but the director of Rockstar revealed his true colors during an interview.

During a conversation with Neha Dhupia on his podcast, Imtiaz Ali revealed that the actor is a flirtatious disaster. He tries but gets nervous and finds himself in a disaster situation. He even recounted how he loved a Delhi girl as they shot around the city but was too shy to approach her.

Imtiaz said: “Ranbir Kapoor? The same guy? Is it a flirtation? Not at all! I mean, he’s trying. He tries but he gets very nervous about it. There was a time when he liked a girl in Delhi a bit. We were filming so I said, well, I’m going to introduce her to you because I know her and so, have a chat. So he said you do this. Then I went to talk to him about something else and he was so nervous he kept scratching me and trying to pull me back because he thought I was going to say something that will spill his beans. What beans? That my friend finds you attractive? He couldn’t bear to let that know about him. So this is not at all the sign of a flirtation.

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