When Ameesha Patel’s ‘girly problem’ became the reason for her Twitter war with Kushal Tandon

Here’s what culminated in Ameesha Patel and Kushal Tandon’s Great Twitter War (Photo credit – Instagram)

If you’re a Kushal Tandon fan, you know the actor has always talked about things that affect or bother him. Whether it was his love life or any other social event, he always expressed his heart. Likewise, during one of those moments, the TV idol questioned Bollywood diva Ameesha Patel for not standing up during the national anthem in a movie theater. What followed was a heated Twitter war between the two.

Kushal chose to tweet and recount the whole incident. In his tweet, the actor claimed that Ameesha was not defending the national anthem. Kushal even alleged that the actress disrespected the national anthem. A day after Kushal tweeted this, the actress responded to his claims with a series of tweets. Keep scrolling to read the tweets.

Taking her Twitter account, Ameesha Patel had written, “The women we all need to slap kushal. I had the monthly problem of girls. Getting up wud caused blood to circulate on the theater floor. The actress continued to write, I waited for the movie to start so I am fixing my GirLY problem in the bathroom. I had no idea that the kushal wud made it a national problem.

Ameesha Patel then slammed Kushal Tandon for posting a tweet. “*** kushal-like holes invading a woman’s privacy and their problems need 2 bs slapped.” Ameesha claimed that the former Bigg Boss competitor tweeted because he wanted publicity.

The actor obviously did not like it, and Kushal continued to use the word “ period ” in every possible tweet he replied to that day, indicating loud and clear that Ameesha’s tweets weren’t there. ‘have not affected at all.

Well, what do you have to say about this Twitter war between Ameesha Patel and Kushal Tandon?

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