When Amber Heard pointed the middle finger at a cop as ex-husband Johnny Depp pulled a “missing car” joke on her

When Johnny Depp pulled an incredible ‘missing car’ joke on his then-wife, Amber heard (Photo credit – Getty Images)

Johnny Depp and Amber have heard that they are one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples. The two tied the knot in 2015, but their relationship didn’t last long and ended in divorce, which garnered media attention. She alleged that the actor was abusive for most of their relationship.

In 2015, when the two stars were in a relationship, the Pirates of the Caribbean the actor played a prank on Aquaman actress who was talked about a lot at the time. Scroll down to find out more.

Johnny Depp played a prank on his then-wife Amber when he heard that his beloved 1968 Mustang had been stolen for the third time! The movie star has teamed up with TV personality Chris Jacobs to convince her that his car has indeed been stolen. Hidden cameras made her angry. She was seen showing her middle finger to the police officer who continued to film her while the other officers were busy discussing the stolen car.

While there was no shortage of the car, Depp had arranged for in-demand car designer Chip Foose to give it a makeover as part of the American television series Overhaulin ‘. Interestingly, the actress’ father was also part of the prank. Along with Depp, he tried to prevent the star-struck “detectives” from taking pictures of them.

Finally, when host Chris Jacobs revealed to Amber Heard that it was part of a practical joke, the actress was seen utterly embarrassed. She even comically criticized the “tricksters” who set her up. “I’m blown away! I’m speechless,” she said. “I can’t believe it all.”

Johnny Depp was also asked how he managed to keep a secret to prank his wife. To which he said, “You know, there are so many times you have to change the subject.” Watch the video below:

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