WhatsApp: This occurs when a contact is reported

Have you ever wondered what happens when you report to a WhatsApp contact? Here we tell you.

In Somagnews we have reported that WhatsApp has the option to report any contact, in fact a few days ago the application announced that new updates have been made in this regard, but what happens after a contact has been reported?

Although many know that the WhatsApp application allows you to report a contact, it is unknown what happens after making the report and if you have been curious, you are in the right place.

To begin with, we have to be clear that in order to make a report, it is because you are having problems or having problems with an account, so the messaging APP offers the possibility of reporting it.

When to report a contact

Factors such as spam and harassment are reasons to report a contact, if these are cases WhatsApp could even suspend the account of the reported user and this is not a trick as it could happen.

And it is that WhatsApp will record the report you have sent and add the number to a ‘Watch list’ where the activities of the person will be closely watched. In addition, an investigation will be carried out on the activities of the person on the platform and that they could eventually be banned from using WhatsApp.

If WhatsApp finds reason to believe that the account activities actually violate the WhatsApp Terms of Service, the number could be (temporarily or permanently) banned from using WhatsApp.

In addition to the fact that they could suspend an account, WhatsApp now works on a new mandatory requirement, which we mentioned at the beginning, but this time in its beta version, which consists of giving a recent copy of the conversation with the reported user, indicate related portals with this new feature.

The foregoing in order to verify that the user who is being a victim can check how the harassing contact is damaging or harming, as well as to provide a better service to each of the WhatsApp users.

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