WhatsApp scam promises ‘Carrefour cards’ with credit

A new scam that uses the name of the supermarket chain Carrefour and that, in fact, is intended to collect sensitive data from victims is circulating through WhatsApp, according to security company ESET. Initially, no cases of information theft were reported, but it is possible that the action is a preliminary test for something to come.

Also according to the company, the attack, at an international level, consists of sending messages that promise, after registering, the receipt of one of the 500 credit cards with values ​​already inserted that, supposedly, would be being distributed by the brand during the month of the company’s anniversary, totaling US $ 19,800 (approximately R $ 102 thousand, in direct conversion). However, there is no reward for the action.

“During the analysis, we did not detect any attempt to install any type of malicious code on the devices. On the other hand, we detected that the campaign is aimed not only at the countries where Spanish is spoken, but that its reach is greater, since there is a version of the WhatsApp message in other languages ​​”, explains Luis Lubeck, ESET Latin America Information Security specialist.

Keep an eye!

It is never too much to stress some important security tips to maintain the integrity of your information. For example, in this case, a clear indication that something is not right is the card counter displayed on the registration website. When the page is updated, it returns to the “original” number, which indicates that there is no official record of granting benefits. In addition, the website is not the same one where you could shop.

So stay tuned, be wary of very generous offers that are not from official channels and avoid clicking on suspicious links. Antiviruses are also recommended – and keeping an eye on this type of approach is extremely important, especially during Black Friday.

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