WhatsApp privacy policy is one of the most difficult to read

WhatsApp’s privacy policy, along with LinkedIn and TitkTok, were perceived as the longest in a recent study.

WhatsApp is used daily around the world by hundreds of millions of people, who generate a traffic of 100 billion messages a day, but it is a fact that very few people read the privacy policy before starting to use the app.

According to new research, 87 percent of people accept privacy policies without taking the time to read them, but this is not necessarily due to a lack of concern.

According to the majority of those surveyed by the Addictivetips.com site, the privacy policies of applications like WhatsApp and TikTok are documents that are too long and boring for anyone to read.

The portal interviewed 2,105 people to find out how effective are these requirements that are presented to us when installing applications on our devices, how much we understand about them and how clear the companies are.

They also reviewed the privacy policies of the main social media platforms, including WhatsApp, to find out how readable they really are, taking into account the age ranges in which they allow registration.

Of the 2105 people surveyed by Addictivetips.com, 87% said they did not read the privacy policies before agreeing to release their data. So why don’t we read the privacy policies?

• 89% of the participants said they are too long

• 83% said they would give their consent whether they read it or not.

• 74% felt that they would not be able to understand what they were reading.

After analyzing the privacy policies of different social media applications, addictivetips.com found that, on average, they have 6,152 words; this would take 47.3 minutes to read completely.

The study also found a number of computer terms that most privacy policies include, but are unknown to users who click accept.

Some of these words are API (Application Programming Interface, “Cookies”, “IP address” and “third party”, with at least 46 percent of users having no idea what they mean.

Have you read the privacy policy of WhatsApp?

Another of the great findings was that WhatsApp, Linkedin and TikTok are the applications whose privacy policies are perceived as the longest among the users surveyed.

The importance of reading these documents is increasingly relevant in these times, because as we have reported in Somagnews, the security threats that we accept along with the privacy policies are increasing.

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If you are a WhatsApp user and you care what happens to your data, you can always read the privacy policy again from the official page of the application. Perhaps it is worth taking the time.

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