WhatsApp Business to increase sales of your business

There is no doubt that WhatsApp has become one of the most important instant communication platforms today, with a customer base that exceeds 2 billion, the benefits it can bring to business should not be missed.

WhatsApp Business is your application focused on companies, delivering specific functions so that businesses can stay in contact with their customers and can offer the best service and attention online. That is why here we bring you three tips to boost your online sales.

Inform your clients that you use WhatsApp Business

Sometimes companies that use WhatsApp Business do not look at their benefits because their customers do not even know that they are offering their services through the platform, so the first step is to inform the people who can contact you via WhatsApp.

Perhaps the easiest way is to make calls to action through your Instagram and Facebook business accounts, where you can place a button for customers to start a conversation with you on WhatsApp Business with a single click.

Another alternative is to put an ad on your company’s website, where the WhatsApp number is highlighted, and you can even add a QR code so that customers can scan it and start writing their questions or orders.

Chatbot for sales

Some companies handle such large amounts of sales that it is necessary to have a strategy to organize orders and streamline the process. In this way, customers can receive a prompt response while the customer service staff can be more relaxed, with the help of an automated chatbot that takes care of frequently asked questions.

WhatsApp Business Notifications

Quick responses are as important as delivering the most complete information to the customer, from photos, videos, receipts, documents or locations that will help them stay on top of their orders.

Remember that when registering a number in WhatsApp Business you will obtain verification of the company, so that the client can see the name of the company, profile image, logo, opening hours, address, etc. even if you don’t have it added to your contact list.

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