WhatsApp Announces New Features That Will Be Available Soon

WhatsApp has announced its new features with a blog post. These features will be released in stable versions of WhatsApp on different platforms in the coming weeks. So what are these features?

WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging application in the world, actively serves more than 2 billion users today. The company does its best to make the application the most functional and fun. Now, WhatsApp developers have created a blog post and announced the new features of the app that will be available in the coming weeks.

In the news we share with you, we are talking about the innovations in WhatsApp’s Android and iOS beta versions. We are also talking about innovations about WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop versions from time to time. These new features that we will share with you now are the innovations that we have already seen in beta versions. These features are now available and will be available in the coming weeks.

Here are the new features coming to WhatsApp in the coming weeks

Animated Stickers

In a news that we shared with you recently, we mentioned that the animated stickers feature appears in WhatsApp’s Android beta version. According to WhatsApp’s comments, this feature is now waiting for the day to be ready and activated. This feature, where you can send animated stickers during a chat, will bring an important innovation to your WhatsApp experience.

Moving stickers are included in many instant messaging applications today. These stickers are built on a variety of themes and provide a fun experience with their moving structures. Here’s the new feature of WhatsApp has been developed for you to have a more fun experience. This feature will be available shortly.

Adding contacts with QR code

Another feature we saw in beta versions of WhatsApp was not adding people with QR code. This feature will make the work of the users much easier. The QR codes to be created will eliminate the need to save users’ phone numbers. Because WhatsApp will automatically add a new person to your contacts with these codes.

Improvements in the ability of video conferencing with 8 people

Recently, video conferencing applications have gained great importance, and WhatsApp developers are well aware of this. As such, the company, which aims to provide a better experience to users, paved the way for 8 people to make video conferences simultaneously on WhatsApp. Developers who continue to work on this feature will now allow you to enlarge the screen of the desired user.

Situations to KaiOS

Sharing for 24 hours is one of the most popular events of recent times. Each social media platform and internet medium offered this feature to its service. WhatsApp also keeps this feature in use, which has been called “Status” for a while. Now, KaiOS users will be able to take advantage of WhatsApp’s Status feature.

Dark mode for WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop

One of the most discussed features of WhatsApp was undoubtedly the dark mode. Because this popular support for dozens of applications was quite delayed for WhatsApp. Fortunately, the company has overcome this problem some time ago. Now, web and desktop versions of WhatsApp are getting ready to get this feature support. In this way, users will be able to use the dark mode feature on WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop.

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