What’s this? "Throughview process"? Let this VFX supervisor tell you about it

It’s an exciting time for filmmakers! Virtual production is moving fast and the technology is unreal.

Virtual production is a method that uses a plethora of software tools to combine live-action footage and computer-generated graphics in real time. You may have seen examples of this on the hit show The Mandalorian.

Sam Nicholson, Founder and CEO of Stargate Studios, recently conducted a virtual production technology test with Blackmagic cinema cameras. Nicholson and his team wanted to develop a technique they called the Throughview Process.

Check out the video below, then take a look at the top takeaways!

How it works

This test demonstrated the integration of lighting, object tracking, high speed playback and maximum resolution on the LED screens.

They also used Blackmagic cameras that allowed them to capture the footage in 8K and 12K resolution.

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